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  • Anjan Mukherjee

Back To School: Organization Focused On Children’s Future Releases Chilling Video Drawing Attention

Back To School: Organization Focused On Children’s Future Releases Chilling Video Drawing Attention To Prevalence Of School Shootings

Video With Viewer Discretion Advisory Calls For Voting Out Weak Politicians

CHARLESTON, SC — Today, Their Future PAC, the affiliated political action committee of Their Future. Our Vote., is releasing a chilling digital video to draw attention to the very real crisis of gun violence at schools and on campuses. The video comes with a viewer discretion advisory, which appears to be the first instance of a political video having such a disclaimer.

Just in time for back to school season, the video portrays a student waking up and eating breakfast, then secretly packing up an assault rifle and heading off to school. The final image shows the student, weapon in hand, about to enter the school building. The video ends with the following message: “Thoughts and prayers won’t stop this. Weak politicians won’t either. Vote them out. While many have become desensitized to gun violence as just another political issue, this video is purposefully provocative to make sure we — and especially those in Washington — can’t keep looking away. "Our elected leaders in Congress need to stand up for children and actually confront the horror of school shootings," said Their Future. Our Vote. founder and CEO Dr. Annie Andrews. "As a pediatrician and a mom to three young kids, I am unfortunately all too familiar with the physical, emotional, and mental trauma caused by gun violence. I’m determined to do what it takes to build a safer and healthier future for our children." About Their Future PAC has an affiliated 501c(4) entity called Their Future. Our Vote., which builds partnerships and coalitions across the country to advance its mission. The organization engages in advocacy, education, and community outreach efforts to raise awareness about the issues affecting children and promotes policies that support their well-being. Given that gun violence is the most common cause of death for children, helping to ensure that Congress will finally pass meaningful gun violence prevention legislation is the group’s top priority. For more information, please visit


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