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  • Anjan Mukherjee

Their Future PAC Endorses Reps. Caraveo and Schrier For Re-election

Endorsement of the only two pediatricians in Congress

CHARLESTON, SC — Today, Their Future PAC, the affiliated political action committee of Their Future. Our Vote., announced that it has endorsed the re-election campaigns of Rep. Yadira Caraveo (CO-08) and Rep. Kim Schrier (WA-08). As the only two pediatricians in Congress, their expertise on children’s issues is crucial for building a Congress that prioritizes kids’ needs.

Rep. Caraveo has consistently demonstrated exceptional commitment to issues concerning kids, earning recognition for her outstanding advocacy. As a pediatrician and former state legislator, she brings unique insights into policy-making that positively impact the well-being of children. By championing policies that prioritize the health, education, and overall welfare of children, Rep. Caraveo has proven herself as a compassionate and effective advocate for the next generation.

Rep. Kim Schrier has distinguished herself as a stalwart advocate for children's issues in Congress. As a pediatrician, her approach to policy-making comes from her first hand experience caring for young patients. In Congress, she has a strong track record of championing policies that would improve the health and well being of children, regardless of their background or where they live.

“Reps. Caraveo and Schrier are champions for children, and we’re thrilled to support them for re-election,” said Their Future PAC Founder and CEO Dr. Annie Andrews. “As the only pediatricians in the House of Representatives, they know what it takes to build a safer and healthier future for kids. With their help, we can finally have a Congress that prioritizes policies that actually benefit children.”

“I’m thrilled to have Their Future PAC’s endorsement in this race,” said Rep. Yadira Caraveo (CO-08). “I’ve spent my career fighting for children — as a pediatrician, as a state legislator, and now as a member of Congress. With Dr. Andrews’s leadership, I look forward to having a partner in our effort to ensure every child has the opportunity to inherit a better world.”

“When it comes right down to it, everything we are fighting for ultimately impacts the wellbeing of children, whether that is climate action, support for public education, gun safety, universal preschool, or affordable child care,” said Rep. Kim Schrier (WA-08). “As a pediatrician, I’ve seen firsthand what’s possible when children have the resources they need to stay healthy and safe, and reach their full potential. Children deserve a Congress that makes their wellbeing a first thought, not an afterthought, one devoted to their futures. There’s no one more dedicated to that cause than Dr. Andrews. I’m honored to have Their Future PAC in my corner.”

Last week, Their Future PAC endorsed Rep. Greg Landsman (OH-01) for re-election, the group’s first endorsement of the 2024 campaign cycle.


Their Future PAC has an affiliated 501c(4) entity called Their Future. Our Vote., which builds partnerships and coalitions across the country to advance its mission. The organization engages in advocacy, education, and community outreach efforts to raise awareness about the issues affecting children and promotes policies that support their well-being.

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